NC State University

Office of Information Technology

Unity Locker Application

Anyone with an active Unity/Eos account (e.g., student, faculty, staff, department) may rent a Unity locker from the Office of Information Technology (OIT). This is extra file storage space that is separate from one's AFS Home folder.
NOTE: To request more space in an AFS Home folder, use the interactive form on the SysNews Purchased Space page.

To request a locker, complete the application below and submit it from your Web browser. Before you do, please note the following:

  • You are responsible for ensuring that no personal information is maintained in a locker that has been rented for University business.
  • Abuse of any resource supplied by OIT may result in termination of computer access.
  • For information about lockers, fees and uses, see Unity Lockers.
  • If you are an instructor who would like to set up a course locker, you can obtain one free of charge with up to 100 MB of space. For details, see the WolfWare Help page.
Please complete the following. Your application will be processed only if you complete all of the fields.

Purpose of this locker

Select one of the following choices and enter the appropriate locker name for your selection:

- Create a new Web space project locker or archive.
The project locker name should relate to the project; e.g., 'biogen'. Enter the locker name (in all lower case letters) in the "locker name" box below. Your project locker will be Web accessible through a URL
similar to the following:<project_locker_name>
Project lockers are set private by default and must be specifically enabled for access from the Web.

- Add space to an existing project locker.
Enter the locker name in the "locker name" box below.

- Create a new FTP locker. This is necessary only when
non-NC State personnel will be uploading files or the FTP protocol is
specifically needed. Otherwise, use a project locker.

- Add space to an existing FTP locker. Enter
the locker name in the box below.

Locker Name

  • A locker name must be 9 to 14 characters long, all lower case.
  • A name is needed when you are requesting a new locker or adding space to an existing one.


Rental Period (mark one):


Method of payment
(you must make payment before the locker is established):

(see below for details)

By submitting this application, I certify that I have read and agree to abide by the policies concerning the use of Unity lockers.


After you submit your application, you will receive an email copy of it for your records.

If paying by personal check or cash:

  • Mail check only (no cash) to:
    Attn: Rhonda Batts
    Office of Information Technology
    Avent Ferry Technology Center
    Rm 207M
    Box 7568
    Raleigh NC 27695

  • Bring check or cash to:
    Rhonda Batts
    Avent Ferry Technology Center
    2114 Avent Ferry Road
    Rm 207M
    Phone: 515-9273
    [Google Map]

If you have any questions about this application or about lockers, please see Unity Lockers or contact the NC State Help Desk, 515-HELP(4357) or


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